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Frequently Violated Ordinances
Frequently Violated Home Rental/Occupancy Ordinance Requirements
See Tri-fold Brochure for Printing (pdf)

Occupancy / General
Occupancy and Licensing
Unless specified otherwise, properties in the City of Stevens Point allow occupancy for two unrelated adults or families only. Properties designated multiple-family with an applicable occupancy license shall be permitted to have more than two unrelated adults per the license.

See Stevens Point Ordinance 23.02 and 23.04 (pdf)
Visit the Community Development Department for more information.

Detector Devices
At a minimum, one smoke detector per floor is required in residential housing units. Carbon monoxide detectors are required on floors in all residentialunits containing fuel burning appliances. Requirements and regulations vary based on construction date.

Visit the Fire Department for more information.

Fire Extinguishers
Portable fire extinguishers are not required in one and two family dwellings but are recommended.

Visit the Fire Department for more information.

Fire-Pit and Burning
Open Burning is allowed without a permit if: fire is contained within a commercially manufactured outdoor fireplace, or within a below ground pit (four inch min.) and less than three feet in diameter. Only clean dry firewood may be burned, and must be at least ten feet from any structure.

See the City's Burning Regulations (pdf) for more information.

Noise Violations
Excessive noise that is a disturbance to others is prohibited and if cited can result in fines.This includes, but is not limited to voices, loud music, engines, etc.

See Stevens Point Ordinance 21.03 (14) (pdf)
Visit the Police Department for more information.

Exterior Maintenance
Littering of any kind is not allowed.Doing so can result in a fine and/or jail time.
See Stevens Point Ordinance 24.06

Lawn Care / Weed Control
Lawns should be mowed as needed. Likewise, you must take steps to minimize and/or eliminate noxious weed issues. Overgrown grass and weeds can result in a service charge.
See Stevens Point Ordinance 21.03 (17)
Contact the Community Development Department at (715) 346-1567 with questions or concerns.

Trees & Shrubs
Trees and shrubs shall not obstruct the use of streets, alleys, or sidewalks, nor shall they obstruct visibility of street signage. A clearance of eight feet shall be maintained over sidewalks and 16 feet of clearance above streets and alleys.
See Stevens Point Ordinance 11.06 & 11.07
Contact the Parks & Recreation Department at (715)346-1532 with questions or concerns.

Snow / Ice Removal
Snow and ice must be fully removed from the sidewalk surrounding your property within 24 hours of the ending snowfall. Streets where no boulevard exists shall have 48 hours.The entire sidewalk must be shoveled and free of hazards that could cause slipping leading to injury.Failure to do so will result in the City abating the violation and charging a fee based on the linear feet of the property, as well as a service charge
See Stevens Point Ordinance 16.06
Contact the Community Development Department at (715) 346-1567 with questions or concerns.

Exterior Furniture
Furniture that is designed for interior use is prohibited to be used in areas exposed to weather.Exterior use may result in a citation and fine from the city.
See Stevens Point Ordinance 21.03 (9)
Contact the Community Development Department at (715) 346-1567 with questions or concerns.

Garbage Rules
Garbage Day
Carts for refuse and recyclable materials collected by the City shall be placed at the curb no sooner than 6:00 p.m. the day before collection to midnight the day of collection.
See Stevens Point Ordinance 21.03 (b)(2)
Collection schedules can be obtained at:

Garbage/Recycling Cart Storage
Carts cannot be visible from the street and cannot be stored between any structure and the street, except on collection days.
See Stevens Point Ordinance 21.03 (4)
Contact the City Garage at (715) 346-1537 to order city approved carts or with any other waste disposal questions.

Garbage & Recycling Carts
Garbage and recycling is only allowed in the City’s approved carts.The brown lid carts are for garbage and the green lid carts are for recycling.All cart contents must fit inside the carts with the lid closed.
See Stevens Point Ordinance 21.03 (b)(3)

It is against City ordinance to dispose of recyclables in the garbage. Recycling must be separated from trash and only recyclable materials shall be placed in the green lid cart that is provided by the City. Recyclable materials shall include all those materials as mandated by Portage County Solid Waste Department.
For more information see Stevens Point Ordinance 21.03 (a)(2a)(2b)

Overnight Parking
Stevens Point does not allow overnight parking on city streets anytime of the year.Overnight parking can be requested to the Police Department for certain circumstances.
See Stevens Point Ordinance 9.05 (1)
Call the Stevens Point Police Department at (715) 346-1500 to request a special circumstance.

Property Parking
Vehicles must be parked on solid surface driveways.You must have the entire vehicle parked on the solid surface and not touching your lawn area or parked in front of a house/residence.
See Stevens Point Ordinance 21.03 (13)(a)
Contact the Community Development Department at (715) 346-1567 with questions or concerns.

Vehicle Licensing & Repairs
All vehicles must have current registrations & licenses at all times. Additionally, it is not permitted or allowed to store or keep any dissembled, dismantled, junked, wrecked or inoperable and/or unlicensed motor vehicle, machinery or trailer in the open on a premise for a period in excess of three days.
See Stevens Point Ordinance 21.03 (18)
Contact the Community Development Department at (715) 346-1567 with questions or concerns.

Pet Ownership
Prohibited Animals
No one shall keep, maintain, or posses any farm or dangerous or wild animal within the city limits, unless a special permit is granted.
See Stevens Point Ordinance 21.03 (16)
Contact the City Clerk’s office at (715) 346-1569 to apply for special permits.

Pet Licensing
Every owner of a dog or cat must license each pet annually, which requires a valid rabies certificate and payment of a fee.
See Stevens Point Ordinance 14.14
Contact the City Treasurer at (715) 346-1573 for a pet license.

This is not an all-inclusive list of ordinances pertaining to housing and homeowners.
See our Ordinances for more information.

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